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WBT connectors

WBT's line of connectors is unlike any other. Featuring unrivaled engineering and design principles.

WBT connectors have been designed and refined for trouble-free reliability and superior sonic performance. The formula is simple: develop innovative designs and build them with the finest materials. Oxygen Free Copper Alloy, Teflon™, and 24K gold are employed to produce connectors like none other.

The patented nextgen principle

WBT has taken the design of the RCA connection one step further with the introduction of the "nextgen" connectors.

The WBT's nextgen plug and socket offer the following 'on the top' features:

- ultimate conductivity
- ultra rapid signal transfer
- no more interferences (especially Eddy current)
- to perform as a true wide band connector (for digital and analog)
- to be the first true RCA type connector of 75 ohms characteristic impedance offered to the Audio industry (the perfect solution for digital!).

Eddy current exclusion as well as the 75 ohms setting are impossible to obtain with a standard RCA construction where the center pin (plus) is built as a massive part and the outer contact (minus) is also massive and furthermore formed out of the plug's metal body. Logically, the nextgen plugs would have to break with today's most essential RCA design habits. But it was worthwhile!

Both, the nextgen plug and socket feature a characteristic impedance of 75 ohms, a long awaited piece for all matched digital audio connections.
Now you have the chance to get the necessary total match of 75 ohms on your system!
You can't do better than exchanging your (standard) RCA type plug of your digital entries against nextgen

The nextgen RCA type plug

The core of the nextgen plug design is the central contact unit built from the plus and the minus conductor piece and their respective surrounding plastic holders. The conductors' daintiness insure the properties and performances mentioned before. Intelligently designed, the whole unit can be taken off for more comfortable soldering and clipped back into the central body easily.

The material

All material used is whether pure copper or fine silver (conductor elements) or highest grade materials like Ultramid and magnesium for their strength and Dyneon for its remarkably high heat resistance.

Of course, the nextgen plug also offers the widely known 'classics' of a WBT RCA:

- the patented clamping device effected by the two-piece outer sleeve (this time working on the thoroughly designed three teeth construction of the outer contact elements)
- the perfect cable strain relief by means of WBT's classic Torx screw

The nextgen socket

WBT is proud to present now their next generation of RCA type connections based on the 'reduced but pure' principle. The nextgen RCA socket features a fabulous wave-formed outer contact embracing the socket's solid Ultramid body.

It perfectly corresponds to the double prism inner contact, both conductors then made of highly ductile pure copper or fine silver. The intelligent wave form insures that a reliable contact is made any time with any standard RCA type plug and, of course, with the new nextgen WBT RCA connector. A perfect solution for digital entries due to its true 75 Ohm characteristic impedance!