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The Pure Sound setup was by miles the best pound for pound real world setup I heard. £1400 TT, £1100 amp and £600 worth of speakers and it really did embarrass some of the big boys. They had a sense of direction and just sounded so right and balanced on a day that some many others lost the plot. (HiFi Forum www.hifiwigwam.com)

Integrated amplifier

Integrated amplifier

Phono preamplifier


Pure Sound recently exhibited the A30 and A8000 CD Player at the Heathrow Hi-Fi Show.Here are a few comments posted about the system on the popular HiFi Forum www.hifiwigwam.com:

Pure sound - The Pure Sound room had for me the best sound-per-pound ratio in the whole show. Very musical and sweet sounds from the A30 amp with accompanying cdp and a rather nice Kuzma turntable. So impressed was I that I kept going back for another listen. Fabulous value and sound - really showed the big boys up imo.

System of the day for me was Guy Sergeant's Pure Sound amp and CD package: for the price nothing else touched it

The room with the PureSound & JM Labs was the second one I went in. Nothing bettered it all day for me.

The Pure Sound A30 amplifier earned a 'Product of the Year' award in issue 48 of HiFi + magazine.

NB. The factory that makes the A30 also makes the Bewitch amplifiers.
There is a Bewitch amplifier that looks just like the Pure Sound A30. The Bewitch 6550 is a 60 Watt Class AB amplifier which uses reduced bias current (hence it is a Class AB amplifier and can deliver more output power), different (smaller) output transformers and a different feedback circuit.

All Pure Sound branded products are made to our specifications.