Jupiter Cryo HT-Series
Beeswax Paper Foil Capacitors

A unique blend of the old sound with refinements of the new. New high temp (HT) series replaces the original beeswax/paper design
Jupiter Condenser HT line of capacitors feature a reinforced beeswax paper dielectric with further improved impregnation techniques and is now cased in a non-drip/melt casing and can withstand higher operating temperatures. Perfect for use where natural sound is demanded.

Jupiter Cryo HT (600V),
with 20 awg silver leads


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15 mm x 19 mm
15 mm x 26 mm
18 mm x 26 mm
21 mm x 34 mm
27 mm x 40 mm

Jupiter Cryo HT Beeswax-Paper-Foil Capacitors.

Jupiter Condenser Co. Beeswax-Paper-Foil capacitors are a large plate area cap specifically designed for audio applications. Each capacitor is precision wound of the finest USA materials and is carefully constructed entirely by expert hands.
We believe the dielectric is the first area to be addressed in capacitor manufacture. Since the early 1900's to the late 1940's paper capacitor research was focused in the area of dielectrics, there was no mention to foils. Paper formulation and it's handling were key, though impregnants were considered fundamental and anti-oxidant characteristics of impregnants were prized. Thus we began our research on improving impregnants first, then improving the properties of the paper itself. Beeswax naturally contains small amounts of propolis, which is a very powerful anti-oxidant, other properties include: anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral. Propolis protects the paper and foil from oxidation and degradation.

Jupiter HT caps were designed for use in high quality high definition audio signal circuits. The HT series require less special handling and less specific application. From tube gear to solid state, more users can enjoy the benefits of their natural high definition sound.

The "new look" to Jupiter Condenser Co. capacitors, is true to form following function. Not just a new style, the outer casing is still true to natural materials yet offers improved environmental characteristics. A paper tube impregnated with phenolic resin assures excellent moisture resistance along with a resin end fill to lock moisture out. The casing material will not melt or drip even at higher temperatures.

Regarding capacitor section processing...... a refined impregnation system* is utilized, capable of deep vacuum and high pressure. Vacuum pressures well below 10 millitorr are achieved, and even higher positive pressures assure consistent impregnation with more gas and moisture removal. New proprietary measures of strengthening dielectric properties have been developed and employed which yield higher insulation resistance and allow greater operating temperatures. Wax and paper construction yields a very well mechanically damped capacitor, free from electrostatic and mechanical ringing.

*The computer controlled wax vacuum impregnation system was engineered and built by Jupiter Condenser, and section processing is based on techniques developed by Western Electric and RCA.


Dielectric Type

Unbleached Kraft Capacitor Paper & Beeswax (Naturally rich in Anti-Oxidants)
Electrode/Plate Metal Aluminum Foil
Axial Leads 4N Silver 20 awg
Working Voltages 600V, Tested at 1200VDC at two stages of production
Tolerance +/- 5%
Anti-MDI No plastics are used in construction

Application Notes:

For best results keep capacitors as cool as possible, use common sense. Do not place next to or touching hot resistors or under-chassis signal tubes that get hot etc. This is good practice to follow with any capacitors, especially paper capacitors. Generally for every 10 degree C increase, component life is diminished by half.