ETI Eichmann Technologies
The PhonoPod™

The PhonoPod™, original Eichmann design

The contact element is made from high-conductive, gold-plated tellurium copper (CuTe)

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The ETI Eichmann PhonoPod

High fidelity performance has been achieved resolutely without giving into compromise. No other female RCA connector on the market can boast the open and airy, coherent music that can be achieved with the ETI PhonoPod.

Unique design values are embraced to achieve ultra high conductivity - low mass, optimum conductors, electrically inert construction materials. The results are low self inductance, the elimination of RF reflections, true 75 Ohm impedance, manufacturer friendly installation and unfailing durability. Frequency bandwidth is unparalleled, the detail stuns the most experienced listeners. Lengths and masses of signal and return pins calculated carefully to correspond with S/G Ratio determinants. Low mass hollow signal conductor design. Reduced inductive reactance for superior, extended bandwidth, better high frequency response, and better sound.

Matched to the thinnest possible, low mass ground outer shell that transmits the ground signal at lightning speed away.