41-step Attenuator
simply the best attenuator available

Many feel that the normal 24 steps that you have with most attenuators just isn't enough. With 41 steps you really do have the fine volume control that a normal taper volume potentiometer provides, but with a huge increase in quality.

Please read the TNT Audio review and some comments from our customers

41-step series attenuators

H x W x D (D including shaft) mm

Price in €
Price in €
incl .VAT
10K mono (single deck)
45 x 45 X 41 (63)
not available anymore
100K stereo (2-deck)
45 x 45 X 53 (75)
not available anymore


41-step attenuator

The Acoustic Dimension attenuators are high quality stepped 41-position attenuators. They are designed for maximum sonic quality, accuracy and reliability. This makes them the first choice for audiophile applications.

Not commonly known, but in available attenuators the switching action in fact consists of two separate pressure contacts. A pressure contact from outer ring (input) to the whipper and from whipper to the inner ring (output).
After the example of high current rheostats, we have replaced the pressure contact from whipper to output with a fixed flexible wire. This is a labor extensive solution, but results in a much more open, transparent and stable attenuator.

The series resistor networks consist of 41 non-inductive, low noise, SMD metal film resistors. The PCB design combined with the special resistors result in low series inductance and low stray capacitance. The result is a very wide bandwidth. There has been special care taken to ensure the durability. The contacts are made from solid silver and will maintain their specifications even after long time of use.

Specifications series attenuator:

• 41 steps
• durable audiophile silver contacts
• non-inductive SMD resistors
• aluminum die cast body
• precision ball bearing support
• available values 10kOhm and 100kOhm

41-step stereo series attenuator