Duelund Coherent Audio
RS capacitors

For a limited time we will offer these capacitors with a 15-20% discount

The all new RS series from Duelund are a further improvement on their VSF line of capacitors.

Duelund RS DC Copper foil (400Vdc)
These caps come with a tinned OFC lead out.


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We concentrate primarily on parts used inside tube amplifiers. For this reason we stock the high voltage, low capacitance capacitors. However we can supply all values and all versions of the Duelund capacitors.

Duelund RS Capacitors

After many years of research and development they decided to improve upon the original VSF by applying the elaborate manufacturing process used in making the CAST version. Using high purity copper foil with a wax impregnated dielectric and treating with their own anti-resonance CAST material the RS series was born.
These capacitors approach the CAST performance in a number of ways, but at a lower cost.

The outer lead out, closest to the edge of the capacitor, is connected to the outer foil and as such should be connected to the lowest impedance path to ground.

Sound: After many hours of burn-in time the main thing that I kept writing about in my notes was how natural the Duelund RS-Cu sounds. This is one of the few capacitors with which I didn't have the urge to do some fine-tuning or mixing with other types / brands to reach an optimum result. In all the loudspeaker crossovers I tested them in, they just sounded so logical everytime. It didn't seem to matter if the tweater had a textile, magnesium, ceramic or beryllium dome - the Duelund RS just portrayed the sonic signature of the tweeter as it was. Nothing added, nothing hidden, no need to tweak, a real no brainer.

Are we then looking at a CAST-Cu in disguise? No, the CAST-Cu still is the no-compromise capacitor with a blacker back-ground, making it more silent than the RS. Also the RS-Cu doesn't quite have the same image depth as the CAST-Cu. But like I stated earlier, the Duelund RS Copper Capacitor is a real no brainer, once you have put this capacitor in your loudspeaker crossovers you will never need to tweak again! Everything just sounds so logical.

For some further info: http://www.humblehomemadehifi.com/Cap.html