Duelund Coherent Audio
CAST mylar (power supply) capacitors

The Duelund CAST mylar capacitor is the no holds barred flagship power supply capacitor.

Duelund CAST mylar 630Vdc capacitors


Dimensions mm
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Price in €
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66 x 80

Duelund CAST mylar power supply capacitors

The development of these capacitors started when Duelund was asked to make high capacitance value capacitors for a Tannoy loudspeaker crossover.
Smaller in dimensions but maintaining a large degree of the performance of the CAST copper foil PIO. ( http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue70/duelund.htm)

They came up with a design which uses 4 separate metalized mylar windings and CAST damping to cancel internal vibrations.

It was this last statement about damping internal vibrations that triggered our interest. We believe that internal damping is very important for power supply capacitors. This damping makes paper in oil capacitors make such great power supply capacitors.
The famous Black Gate WKZ capacitors used a special damping sheet inside their capacitors. Our Unicon power supply capacitors also have special damping against internal vibrations and this is probably the reason why they sound better then comparable capacitors.

At our request, Duelund started working at a 630Vdc version, and now after working and listening to them this last year, we can safely say: when you are looking for the best sounding power supply capacitor, you will have to try these.

However their use is not solely restricted to power supply duties. They also make very good cathode bypass capacitors.