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Remote control module for TVC

Remote control for TVC

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Remote control for TVC
incl. 6 channel input selector board

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DIYHFS Remote control module for TVC

Is it possible to add a remote control to TVC?

We tried remote controlled step motor + Seiden switch but there at times the switch stopped at the wrong position and the step motor has noise. Now we have a better solution.

We made a 23-relays module for the 23-steps TVC. How does it sound? It sounds transparent because signal paths are short and far away from non-signal circuit and relays are high quality audio grade. This is different from all those relay-resistors volume controls in the market. Others are using six or seven relays to save cost, therefore, they can only be used for resistors, but not with a TVC.

We also made a 6-relays module to control input selection. It support up to 6 pairs RCA or 3 pairs XLR or mixed combinations.

The complete package includes :
• Volume control board
• Input control board
• number display
• manual rotary switch
• remote control

Although this board is designed for TVC, you can also use it with resistors instead.

Via remote control : 2 buttons for volume up and down and 2 buttons for input selection.
Via front panel : Press the knob to select input source. Turn the knob to adjust volume.

Drill one 15mm hole for the number display and one 5mm hole for the IR receiver.
If you want to use the manual switch, you also need to drill one 8mm hole